3D Architectural design

If you don’t have a blueprint, we make the 3D model of the building based on the measurements of the site and your description or initial idea. You can see exactly how your dream will look like.

Statement of material

With the help of the 3D model, the exact amount of all the building material can be calculated. We organise them in a sheet, price them according to the month’s lumberyard and fastener prices. A good estimation of the whole price of the new building can be calculated, furthermore we can keep the amount of waste at a minimum.



The constructing process uses the latest technologies, while taking care of the nature at the same time. If it is possible, we build our structure on ground screw foundation instead of concrete, this leads to a quicker, cleaner solution and has a lot more other benefits. The ever-growing arsenal of our tools ensure that we can leave a high quality finish in every working stage from the foundation to the rooftop.